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Facilitation and Consultation

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Service Description

Everything we do builds from a broad, inclusive and continuous process of relationship-building between a client and its stakeholders. This process includes a range of activities from community forums and participatory planning activities to group-specific workshops and informal dialogue, and is designed to span an entire project life cycle. In many cases, we lead our client’s engagement process on the ground, including forming and facilitating regional working groups and negotiations committees. To this end, LP strives to deliver improved community benefits through enhanced community participation, improved information flows, increased understanding of community perceptions of projects, and increased understanding of project information to stakeholders and the public. We also partner to analyze big data ranging from Social Media and Google to Mobile Device tracking to give our clients a clear view of perceptions locally and nationally. Our insights provide clients and communities the unprecedented ability to target the right issues with the right solutions, rather than using “scattershot” approaches to community relations. Lastly, we have led Duty to Consult processes in support of our projects. Our services include the following: • Public and stakeholder engagement plans • First Nation and Metis Settlement Consultation Plans • Community surveys and perception studies • Social data analysis

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